Places to Visit Around ECR

Running along the southeast shore from Chennai to Kanyakumari covering 737 km, the East Coast Road (ECR) along the Bay of Bengal in India is the Australia’s Gold Coast! Right from taking a roller coaster ride, paddling your own bicycle along the ECR resorts, to savoring some of the traditional delicacies, the East Coast Road is a heaven of unparallel thrill and entertainment for anybody who steps in. If you are looking for some of the most excited things to do nearby the ECR resorts in Chennai, you are reading the right article.

Being entirely novel, this tourist attraction is dotted by the ECR resorts as well as amusement centers on the right and beaches on the left throughout the stretch. Outside Chennai, a toll booth will demand Rs. 45 as a ticket to Pondicherry when you begin your exciting drive. As you move forward, you will come across a myriad of scenic stops and activity centers. In this article, I will just share some of the most amusing things to do amidst the ECR resorts.

Things to do around the ECR Resorts in Chennai

Start your trip by hitting the first and the only amusement park with the beach, Golden Beach where you can enjoy more than 25 odd rides. However, if you love water sports such as parasailing or diving, just some kilometers ahead is the Ahaa water Park featuring a wave generator for soaking you in the waves of 3.5 feet long.

Are you a go-karting fan? Then, why not drive further to explore the city’s initial go-karting center? This is the Kart Attack where speed takes it highest level, but in a safe environment. Go further and you will be surely trapped in 100,000 square feet of AC area – the Mayajaal! This is the comprehensive abode of entertainment featuring video games, bowling alleys, theaters, and multi-cuisine stalls. You will seriously not feel that you are in India, as it boasts an international ambiance. It is a perfect place amidst the ECR resorts to spend a day.

Located close to one of the famous ECR resorts called MGM, the MGM Dizzee World is for the adventure seekers. Besides offering the first roller coaster of the city, there are crazy rides to make a chill run down your spine. Oh yes, you can also expect water slides, swimming pool, and dashing car for those who are not that adventurous. Exploring the detailed city’s art is memorable at the Dakshina Chitra near the MGM resort in Muttukadu. Here, you can spend time in admiring the art crafts as well as the traditional houses, except for Tuesdays.

When you come at 23 kms from Adayar, speedboat riding as well as rowing in the backwater area of the Muttukadu boat house will make you remind of Kerala, the God’s own country. You can also go for water skiing as well as wind surfing. However, the latter sport is much more enjoyable at Covelong that is just 3 km away from here. It is a bay featuring a colonial Dutch fort as well as a fishing village. Formerly a port, the bay is now one of the luxury ECR resorts where swimming is also possible.