About ECR Road – Know Here!!

The East Coast Road is a dual-lane, amusement highway starting from Chennai and running along the southeast coast to meet Kanyakumari, the southernmost tip of India. Connecting the different famous cities, villages, and beaches, the road is dotted by different activities as well as entertainment centers so that citizens and tourists of all ages enjoy and take some good memories home. The resorts at East Coast Road, amusement parks, backwater areas, multi-cuisine restaurants, and art homes just seem to take you into a different world. If you want to take the maximum advantage of an exciting trip on this 737-km long road, driving is the best approach. I would recommend starting from Chennai’s Thiruvanmiyur. If you prefer a short drive of some 2 hours, choose Mahabalipuram as your destination or else do drive up to Pondicherry that will consume some 3 hours.

Most of your drive will pass through the resorts at East Coast Road and the beaches following along. Once you pass the toll booth, you will be mesmerized by the scenic views of angler villages, swaying coconut trees, neat catamarans, plain beaches, and waves smashing along the edges of the road.

Places to Visit around the East Coast Road

The moment you begin to drive, you will start to spot the different hotels and resorts on the East Coast Road around which the major attractions or places to visit make a great appeal. In the beginning, you will come across many attractive temples such as the breezy Sai Baba Temple near Hotel Shelter, the Jagannathan Temple as a replica of the famous temple in Orrisa’s Puri, and Tiruvidanthai Nithya Kalyana Perumal Koil.

You will also see a few famous hotels and resorts beside the East Coast Road such as MGM and Taj. Situated at 25 kms from Chennai and close to the MGM resort, Dakshinachitra is the one of the most famous tourist attraction to visit. It is an art center where people who love arts never go disappointed. Dedicated to the live traditions of performing arts, folk, architecture, and crafts, this is the beautiful venue to explore the unbelievable traditions of South India. The best draw is the set of replicated houses that are typically in South Indian style. Stretching over 10 rolling acres, the center offers the great vistas of the Bay of Bengal.

Flanking the East Coast Road resorts such as the Blue Bay and Highland Shoreline, the Crocodile Bank is a unique, exciting center where many surprises await the tourists. Designed by the famous reptile specialist named Romulus Whittaker, this farm park is famous for its preservation of extinct species of crocodiles. There are big holes for them in this center. In addition, there are several varieties of snakes. The exciting scene here is of an expert who extracts the venom. From Chennai, catch the PP19/B/X bus to Kovalum and you will be here in 1 hour 15 minutes. When you reach here, know that you are in Mamallapuram. Just five kilometers away from here is the Tiger’s Cave. If you love to visit mysterious or historic places, this is your place of interest where big rocks seem to convey many secrets.