Tips to Book ECR Resorts

The East Coast Road in Chennai is really a traveler’s treasure, as it is the abode of many resorts, amusement parks, restaurants, temples, water sports, and art centers. Irrespective of the desire of adventurous or relaxing holidays in Chennai, a tourist always prefer to book ECR resorts, as they are the ultimate destination for endless fun. To be more specific, the ECR resorts feature AC rooms and suites with latest amenities; hotel facilities such as conference rooms, ballroom, and Internet zones; recreation facilities such as game rooms, swimming pool, and waterfalls; gourmet facilities such as the multi-cuisine restaurants; and the entertainment options such as disco.

What else do you need to book ECR resorts? Is the cost bothering you? Well, do not worry, as need not pressurize your wallets to book ECR resorts. This is because you can easily spot your resort as per the decided budget. Still, to give you a fair idea of the rates, the lowest of them is 1,000 INR per night, while the highest one tends to be around 10,000 INR per night.

How to Book ECR Resorts: Tips

To book ECR resorts, it is imperative to do some online research. Most of these ECR resorts have their official Web site that easily facilitates reviewing and comparing.

Before choosing any of them, just check out the facilities, services, and the rates of the different rooms. Do so for each resort so that you know which one provides what. You will also come to know which resort meets your requirements. For example, if you want party, you need to choose a resort that can arrange for the same keeping in mind the catering expectations as well as the number of guests. Finally, you will choose the one that is quite near to Chennai station or airport and the one that features lowest cost as well as great arrangements.

I would also recommend booking an ECR resort online because of the discount you get. If you are lucky enough, booking immediately can make you save a reasonable amount. This is especially the case while booking more than one room or suite. Sometimes these savings can be quite high if you are a regular customer of a particular ECR resort.You can also checkout the list of popular ecr resorts

As a great tip, look for all-inclusive ECR resorts if you are coming with your family here. The feature of all-inclusive simply means paying single price for multiple facilities. For example, an all-inclusive package tends to include free access to restaurants, game rooms, water sports, and tours too. This can be a huge money saver.

Sometimes, you will have to use your common sense in choosing a resort. For example, if you find several ECR resorts featuring affordable rates, then you need to look for other factors such as proximity to station or airport, proximity to the attractions, and so on.