ECR – Best for Weekend Travel in Chennai

It starts with an ambiguity whether to step out of the home on a weekend after a weeklong work. One must admit there must be places in the city should be inspiring enough to go out on a weekend. Considering the weather of Chennai being harsh on its people it becomes really tough for us to gain motivation, isn’t it?

Is exploring Chennai stops just about shopping malls?

How many of us are here in Chennai for the past year or so and all we have visited so far is the shopping malls of the city?

Honestly, you can find shopping malls in each urban city in India these days. So we can conclude it is certainly not the differentiator for the city Chennai.

Chennai has got the history, unveiled heritage that gives you the enthusiasm.

If you are wondering how you would go about in exploring the delight, here is the article for you!

East Coast Road is exciting enough for a long drive!

Do you enjoy long drives?

With the Government of India showing signs to cut down the fuel prices who wouldn’t enjoy the long drives on a beautiful highway!

East Coast road that connects between Chennai and Pondicherryis the thing when you are around in Chennai and up for a weekend drive.

There’s a lot of upward traffic towards the Pondicherry in the east coast road not to make you feel alone.

Like minded motorists use the road as a platform for the weekend drives and rides.

The toll gate expense is less than the cost of liter petrol and you get to drive a stretch of 140Kms behind the wheels.

Are you a Photography enthusiast?

How about a chance to see through the history of 1000 years through your lens?

You will pass through amazing beach side, backwaters, boat ride and historical places like Mahabalipuram and tiger caves when you drive through the road of East coast!

And whatever mentioned here is just a fraction of brilliance that east coast road has got to offer.

If you are in the process of learning photography this place will make you gain confidence with sheer wisdom of the nature.

Come here year on year and check your progress.

The place and the antiquity will remain the consonant when you see the transformation in your skills!

A best place to hang out!

East coast road in general is one of the most happening places in Chennai.

Partying in the beach resorts is the trend of the city in the recent past.

With a bunch of beach resorts offering the best of the services to their customers, east coast road has marked its reputation as one of the coolest place to hang out not just in Chennai but in South India too.

With internationally acclaimed concerts like sunburn making its way in Chennai, east coast road looks promising for the music lovers.

The appetite of the city hasn’t stopped with the success of sunburn; it is ready to host a number of shows that are lined for the holidays.

Of course, you got to ensure it is the party day when you’re in Chennai; it hasn’t yet reached the level of Goa as yet!

Good Food on the go!

The most common food variety available is the rich spicy south Indian food. Any restaurant you step in the east coast road offers South Indian food.

Well, if South Indian is not what you are looking for, you have Dhaba’s all around the corners of ECR offering North Indian food.

Let’s assume you’re looking for a change, maybe continental. You have number of star class restaurants offering the whole range of food varieties from Continental, Mexican and almost every bit.

Sea food is best served here.

There’s not much options for the vegetarian’s as they’re forced to compromise to have food in a restaurant that serves Non-vegetarian & vegetarian, for most of the vegetarian’s that’s a hardest thing to digest as not many Vegetarian hotels that you can find along the coastal road, there are a few chain of vegetarian restaurants but those are the routine one’s that are found in the Chennai city!