Visit Muttukadu Boat House for Boat Rides on ECR

Are you the one who enjoys tropical climate? How about you get a chance to enjoy the boat ride along with tropical climate? I doubt if there are many places around the world that could you offer the joy of amazing weather with a pleasant boat ride. Muttukadu which is located on the way to Mahabalipuram in the east coast road of Chennai compromises this memorable journey!

Muttukadu Boat House, maintained by the tourism board of the state Tamilnadu is expected to see approximately 4000 visitors every weekend. The weather is is hot & humid as may expect with temperatures normally between 32 – 35 degree celsius.However the climate is totally under control with the timely rain fall!

Muttukadu offers such as rowing in addition to other adventure sports such as wind surfing, water skiing, speed boat riding etc., It is also considered to be one of the safest yet adventurous places in South Part of India.

With the government of Tamilnadu showing keen interest in developing the tourism activities, muttukadu has gained reputation and recognition over the years.

If you are photography hungry, I bet Muttukadu is one of the most scenic places for you.

Muttukadu Photos

The administration have also erected a boat house which is surrounded by rich amount of bamboo trees and the back water is of the great ocean bay of Bengal!

The roof of the boathouse is built with Bamboo, there’s a lounge and a restaurant, from where it gives a picturesque of the boats travelling in the back waters!

High speed aqua scooters, a recent addition at the Muttukadu venue has brought in a lot of excitement among the regular visitors to the venue!

The aqua scooters travel at a speed of 120/Kms an hour.That’s something that you cannot afford to do on Indian roads, considering the traffic and the population density. But there is atleast a place in water to feel the awesomeness of the speed.

The best part is, boat race conducted by the Madras Boat club, one of the affluent clubs in Chennai.

Muttukadu is not just an attraction for the people of Chennai; Looking at the recent trend we can assure it’s becoming a global attraction as I was able to see many foreign tourists lining up for ticket bookings.

It’s not a great idea to miss the Muttukadu delight, on your way to Mahabalipuram.