Beaches in Chennai & East Coast Road (ECR)

The beauty of Chennai cannot be justified without the coastlines across the ECR. The serenity of Bay of Bengal is seen throughout the coast stretch.

How often do we acknowledge the amazingly beautiful places of our city and country?

We are fascinated too much about the places in the western countries and forget to recognize the significance of the places within our city.

Coastal side of the east coast road is one classic example of that; and now been reckoned as a wonderful place to visit.

Chennai ECR beaches

A view of Sunset at the famous Marina beach, Chennai

The tourism is picking up and the seashores are recognized more than ever before by the foreign vacationers.

The beach road starts from Thiruvanmiyur, Chennai and goes up to Pondicherry, connecting many villages in between.

Seashore Sports for everybody!

Do you know to swim?

It doesn’t matter even if you don’t know swimming. The impression of being able to swim to enjoy the shores is not the case with the beaches in the East coast road of Chennai.

There are quite a few sports option on the shores of east coast road.

Cricket, the widely played sports in India is played on the shores too. It is exciting to see how much you can stretch yourself and fall on the sand, being rest assured nothing is going to happen to you.

beaches on chennai east coast road

Children playing cricket on the beach sand

All we need is a minimum of 5 or more people to go to the shores and start the sports. It could be any game; the nature of the game doesn’t make any difference as you will be enthralled by the scenic beauty and the ambience of the shore.

You needn’t be that awesome athlete, the place and the environment will make you one!

It will be a great experience if you know swimming, the shores of the east coast are considered to be one of the most calm and safest waters for an incredible swimming experience.

Public and Private beaches!

There are number of beaches, both private and public along the ECR. The government of Tamilnadu puts in a lot of efforts in maintaining the public beaches. However if you prefer privacy you can opt for any of the number of private beaches spread along the east coast road which also have resort facilities.

Marina beach has the maximum footfalls in a day; it is within the city limits and does not fall under the east coast road belt. The second most footfalls are in Besant Nagar beach which is in close proximity to Adayar. The two main shores are heavily crowded most of the times, from the morning till night so people opt for the beaches outside the city limits.

The east coast road shore starts off with the pebble beach, which is open to public and just a kilometer from Thiruvanmiyur. As mentioned earlier the city experiences descending footfalls as we move towards the shores that are present in the outskirts of Chennai.

Pebble beach has few entertainment outlets nearby that encourage corporate outings, it also has quality restaurants nearby offering, south Indian, North Indian, Continental vegetarian and non-vegetarian foods.

When we go up the east coast road, we can also find privately maintained beach resorts. The famous ones are Fisherman’s cove, Radisson Blu and VGP golden beach resort.

VGP golden beach resort at ECR

VGP Golden Beach Resort on East Coast Road

ECR beach resorts are cost competitive & affordable to the middle class family too.

The beach resorts attract a lot of travellers abroad to make a stay and reach out to the nearby tourist spots like Mammallapuram, Tiger caves and other historical places around.