Beaches in Chennai & East Coast Road (ECR)

The beauty of Chennai cannot be justified without the coastlines across the ECR. The serenity of Bay of Bengal is seen throughout the coast stretch. How often do we acknowledge the amazingly beautiful places of our city and country? We are fascinated too much about the places in the western countries and forget to recognize the significance of the places within our city. Coastal side of the east coast road is one classic example of that; and now been reckoned as a wonderful place to vis...

Visit Muttukadu Boat House for Boat Rides on ECR

muttukadu boat house at ecr chennai
Are you the one who enjoys tropical climate? How about you get a chance to enjoy the boat ride along with tropical climate? I doubt if there are many places around the world that could you offer the joy of amazing weather with a pleasant boat ride. Muttukadu which is located on the way to Mahabalipuram in the east coast road of Chennai compromises this memorable journey! (more…)

Dakshinachitra – The Cultural Powerhouse on ECR

Not every country has a rich culture to be portrayed. India, especially south India has a marvelous heritage to display. This job is not easy as we think. India has become more urban with the population immigration happening towards the cities. Rural areas of the country are slowly but steadily losing its nativity and identity. (more…)